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Anthea Taylor (2016) Celebrity and the Feminist Blockbuster Palgrave McMillan

Online writing:

Bueskens, P. (2017, February 23). Mothers And Basic Income: The Case For An Urgent Intervention. New Matilda.

Casey, S., Simic, Z. & Watson, J. (2017, March 7). Feminism: more than sartorial statements. Victorian Women’s Trust.

Orr, A. (2017, February 26). A dangerous woman gone mad. Dangerous Women Project.




Bianca Fileborn (2016) Reclaiming the night-time economy: unwanted sexual attention in pubs and clubsPalgrave. 

 Jane Pilcher and Imelda Whelehan (2016) Key concepts in gender studies, Sage.


Book chapters:

Imelda Whelehan (2016) “Adapting Ira Levin: A Case Study.” in Ken Gelder (Ed.) New Directions in Popular Fiction. Palgrave Macmillan UK, 371-385.

Journal articles:

Stephen Kerry (2016) “Transgender people in Australia’s Northern Territory” International Journal of Transgenderism

Monique Mulholland (2016) “‘The pathological native’versus ‘the good white girl’: an analysis of race and colonialism in two Australian porn panics.” Porn Studies 3.1, 34-49.

Jane Edwards, Judi Parson, and Wendy O’Brien (2016) “Child play therapists’ understanding and application of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: A narrative analysis.” International Journal of Play Therapy 25.3, 133 – 145.

Wendy O’Brien and Kate Fitz-Gibbon (2016)  “‘Cemented in their cells’: a human rights analysis of Blessington, Elliott and the life imprisonment of children in New South Wales.” Australian journal of human rights 21.2, 1-16.

Online writing:

Petra Bueskens (2016) Why we grieved for Hillary Clinton and who defends ‘Western Values’ anyway, New Matilda.


Journal articles:

McCann H (2016) Epistemology of the Subject: Queer Theory’s Challenge to Feminist Sociology, in WSQ, 44(3&4): 224-243. 

Taylor A (2016) The (unsuccessful) reality television make under: Class, illegitimate femininities, and resistance in Snog,Marry, Avoid, Outskirts: Feminisms along the Edge, 35: 1-20. 

Online writing: 

Helen Cahill, Catherine Smith, Jessica Crofts (2016) Respectful relationships education isn’t about activating a gender war, The Conversation.


Journal articles:

Carah N and Dobson A (2016) AlgorithmicHotness: Young Women’s “Promotion” and “Reconnaissance” Work via Social MediaBody Images,  in Social Media and Society Special Issue on Making Digital Cultures of Gender and Sexuality with Social Media.

Cook K & Natalier K (2016). Gender and evidence in family law reform: A case study of quantification and anecdote in framing and legitimising the ‘problems’ with child support in Australia. Feminist Legal Studies. 24(2): 147-167.

Kanai A (2016) Sociality and Classification: Reading Gender, Race, and Class in a Humorous Meme, in Social Media and Society Special Issue on Making Digital Cultures of Gender and Sexuality with Social Media.

Monk, S. & McKay, L. (in press). Developing identity and agency as an early career academic: Lessons from Alice, International Journal for Academic Development.

Natalier K, Cook K, Pitman T. (2016). Payee mothers’ interactions with the Department of Human Services – child support. Family Matters. 97: 30-40. 



Nicholson, Sarah. 2016.  The evolutionary journey of woman: from the Goddess to Integral feminism. The Neoperrenial Press.

Journal articles:

 Bickle, Sharon. 2016 (pub). “Living ‘Willfully’: The Same-sex Marriage Ceremony of ‘Michael Field’ by the Smutt River. Hecate, 41.1 & 2: 116-128.

Davidenko, Maria. 2016. “Multiple femininities in two Russian women’s magazines, 1970s–1990s.” Journal of Gender Studies, DOI: 10.1080/09589236.2016.1233864

Miller, T and Nash, Meredith (2016) ‘I just think something like the “Bubs and Pubs” class is what men should be having’: Paternal subjectivities and preparing for first-time fatherhood in Australia and the United KingdomJournal of Sociology

Murray, L and Nash, Meredith (2016)The challenges of participant photography: A critical reflection on methodology and ethics in two cultural contextsQualitative Health Research

Parker, Lyn and Creese, Helen (Eds.) 2016. Special Issue on “The Stigmatisation of widows and divorcees (janda) in Indonesia.”  Indonesia and the Malay World, 44 (128).

Parker, Lyn. 2016. “The theory and context of the stigmatisation of widows and divorcees (janda) in Indonesia”, Indonesia and the Malay World, 44 (128): 7-26, DOI: 10.1080/13639811.2015.1100863

Parker, Lyn, Irma Riyani and Brooke Nolan. 2016. “The stigmatisation of widows and divorcees (janda) in Indonesia, and the possibilities for agency”, Indonesia and the Malay World, 44(128): 27-46, DOI: 10.1080/13639811.2016.1111677



Currie, Susan. 2016. A Prescription for Action: The Life of Dr Janet Irwin. Australian Scholarly Publishing.

Mackinlay, Elizabeth. 2016. Teaching and Learning like a Feminist. Sense Publishers. 

Book Chapters:

Bueskens, Petra. 2016. “Matricentric Feminism Is a Gift to the World.” Forward to Matricentric Feminism: Theory, Activism, and Practice. Ed. A. O’Reilly, Bradford: Demeter Press.

Lahiri-Roy,  Reshmi. 2016. “The Urban Hindu Arranged Marriage in Contemporary Indian Society.” Hinduism in India: Modern and Contemporary Movements. Eds. Will Sweetman and Aditya Malik. New Delhi: Sage Publications.

Veazey, Leah Williams.  2016. “Mothering in the Digital Diaspora.” Taking the Village Online: Mothers, Motherhood and Social Media. Bradford: Demeter Press.

Clare Bartholomaeus and Riggs, D.W., 2016. Terms of endearment: Meanings of family in a diverse sample of Australian parentsRevaluing care in theory, law and policy: Cycles and connections. London: Routledge. 

Journal articles:

Kon-yu, Natalie. 2016. “A Testicular Hit-List of Literary Big Cats.” Overland Magazine, 223 (Winter). 

Toffoletti, Kim. 2016. “Sexy women sport fans: Femininity, sexuality and the global sport spectacle”, Feminist Media Studies DOI: 10.1080/14680777.2106.1234499.

Toffoletti, Kim. 2016. “Rethinking media representations of sportswomen – Expanding the conceptual boundaries using a postfeminist sensibility”, Sociology of Sport Journal 33(3), 199-207.

Jennifer Welsh, Lyndall Strazdins, Sara Charlesworth, Carol T. Kulik and Peter Butterworth (2016)  “Health or harm? A cohort study of the importance of job quality in extended workforce participation by older adults.” BMC Public Health 16.1 (2016): 885.


Journal articles:

Robinson, Sophie. “Bar dykes and lesbian feminists: Lesbian encounters in 1970s feminism.” Lilith: A Feminist History Journal 22 (2016): 52.

Millar, Erica. “Mourned Choices and Grievable Lives: The Anti‐Abortion Movement’s Influence in Defining the Abortion Experience in Australia Since the 1960s.” Gender & History 28.2 (2016): 501-519.

Media Articles:

Kim Toffoletti (2016) Confessions of a Feminist Footy Fan, Sheilas Magazine, July,

Online Writing:

Akane Kanai (2016), Open Forum

Petra Bueskens (2016), Gaye Demanuele And The Politics Of Homebirth, New Matilda


Journal articles:

Suzanne Franzway (2016) The sexual politics of citizenship and violence. Women’s Studies International Forum (Vol. 58, pp. 18-24). Pergamon.

Media Articles:

Davies, A and Nash, M and McLean, N (2016) Should Women Scientists Really Need to Know How To Bake To Become Leaders?, New Matilda,  At Large Media Pty Ltd, Sydney, 15 June (2016)


Journal articles:

Bartlett, Alison, and Margaret Henderson. “What is a Feminist Object? Feminist Material Culture and the Making of the Activist Object.” Journal of Australian Studies 40.2 (2016): 156-171.

Mosmann, Petra. “Encountering feminist things: generations, interpretations and encountering Adelaide’s “scrap heap”.” Journal of Australian Studies 40.2 (2016): 172-189.

Petra Mosmann 2016, A feminist fashion icon: Germaine Greer’s paisley coat,  Australian Feminist Studies Volume 31, Issue 87, 2016 Special Issue: Germaine Greer

Rebecca J. Sheehan, ‘If we had more like her we would no longer be the unheard majority’: Germaine Greer’s reception in the United States, Australian Feminist Studies Volume 31Issue 87, 2016 Special Issue:  Germaine Greer

Supski, Sian, Jo Lindsay, and Claire Tanner. “University students’ drinking as a social practice and the challenge for public health.” Critical Public Health (2016): 1-10.


Journal articles:

Nye, Adele, et al. “Writing the (researcher) self: reflective practice and undergraduate research.” Reflective Practice (2016): 1-13.

McDonald, P., Charlesworth, S. and Graham, T., 2016. Action or inaction: bystander intervention in workplace sexual harassmentThe International Journal of Human Resource Management27(5), pp.548-566.

McDonald, P. and Sara Charlesworth. 2016. Workplace sexual harassment at the marginsWork, Employment & Society30(1), pp.118-134.


Journal articles:

Bartlett, Alison. “Sites of feminist activism: Remembering Pine Gap.” Continuum (2016): 1-9.

Bartlett, Alison, and Margaret Henderson. “Social memory & feminist cultural histories.” Continuum (2016): 1-1.

Clarke, Kyra. “Willful knitting? Contemporary Australian craftivism and feminist histories.” Continuum (2016): 1-9.

Clare Bartholomaeus, Gregoric, C. and Krieg, S., 2016. Young Children as Active Citizens in Local Government: Possibilities and challenges from an Australian perspectiveInternational Journal of Early Childhood48(1), pp.79-93.

Juliet Watson 2016. Gender‐based violence and young homeless women: femininity, embodiment and vicarious physical capitalThe Sociological Review64(2), pp.256-273.


Journal articles:

Egan, S., (2016). sexual assault as trauma: a Foucauldian examination of knowledge practices in the field of sexual assault service provisionfeminist review112(1), pp.95-112.

Riggs, D.W., Bartholomaeus, Clare. and Due, C., 2016. Public and private families: a comparative thematic analysis of the intersections of social norms and scrutinyHealth Sociology Review25(1), pp.1-17.



Wendt, Sarah, and Nicole Moulding, eds. Contemporary Feminisms in Social Work Practice. Routledge, 2016.

Journal articles:

Zufferey, Carole, Donna Chung, Suzanne Franzway, Sarah Wendt, and Nicole Moulding. “Intimate Partner Violence and Housing Eroding Women’s Citizenship.” Affilia (2016):

Journal articles

Amy Dobson &  Jessica Ringrose (2016) Sext education: pedagogies of sex, gender and shame in the schoolyards of Tagged and Exposed, Sex Education 16 (1), 8-21

Akane Kanai & Amy Dobson (2016) Digital Media and Gender The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies

Carole Ferrier  (2016) Resistance and Sovereignty in Some Recent Australian Indigenous Women’s Novels, Ilha do Desterro A Journal of English Language, 2016 –

Nash, M and Warin, M (2016) ‘Squeezed between identity politics and intersectionality: A critique of ‘thin privilege’ in Fat Studies’Feminist Theory 

Jessica Crofts & Julia Coffey (2016) “Young women’s negotiations of gender, the body and the labour market in a post-feminist context.”  Journal of Gender Studies (2016): 1-15.

Online Presentations

Petra Bueskens, Andie Fox and Viv Smyth at the Feminist Writers’ Festival 2016  ‘Decommodifying Feminism’

Nye, A., 2016. ‘Working from the boot of a red falcon’: The impact of major fires in four Australian schoolsAustralian and International Journal of Rural Education26(1), pp.83-98.